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There's no need to stumble in the dark when the light switch is at your fingertips. We discover how people feel about you, so you can take precise actions toward your goals.

ARE WE RIGHT FOR YOU?More powerful than surveys or focus groups

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Our clients typically come to us with one of these three problems . . .

Create products that add value to your customers

Customer Discovery

They want to accurately identify what their audience finds most valuable and develop products and services that deliver what customers want and are willing to pay for.

Motivate your team and have engaged employees

Team Engagement

Their leaders want to understand what's causing performance gaps with their employees and what actions they can take to improve morale and help them do their best work.

Uncover public opinion before you take action

Public Opinion

They want to identify what motivates specific demographic segments, special interest groups or personas before investing in initiatives that affect those individuals.

"So, you do surveys? Meh."

Conducting quantitative surveys with "Agree/Disagree" Likert scales is easy. On the other hand, asking open-ended questions can uncover significantly deeper insights, but text analysis can be tedious and costly. Until now.

Our proprietary Trend Cone analytic tool allows researchers to extract positive and negative sentiments from qualitative feedback, generating "at a glance" intelligence that enables informed decisions.

  • Open-ended feedback and comments

    Our software allows us to pinpoint and tag negative and positive sentiments expressed in open-ended responses.

  • Advanced data analytics

    We've created cutting-edge filtration tools. These allow us to recognise subtle themes, patterns and connections that other methods miss.

  • Charts and visual data displays

    Themes are ranked and grouped to create distinctive "trend cone" charts that allow you to easily visualise data and its implications.

More powerful than standard surveys. More affordable than focus groups. We help you to make the connection.

Make deep connections with your audience
Client testimonials

“Trend Cone’s approach was very interesting. The rich data collected, insights gained and the wealth of knowledge in better understanding the targeted market of the brand was phenomenal. I am very excited with this new approach; it gives a holistic insight for effective positioning. I will definitely be recommending the use of this tool to clients.”

Gita Chanko

Media Director, Advantage Advertising

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