Our Mission

The world is full of ideas. And that's about to accelerate like we've never experienced before. Some entrepreneurs will charge ahead, fueled by the confidence in their vision, while others will be slightly warier and try to align their vision with insight. We're here for the second group.

My name is André Bello, and I lead the team at GET Inc. I'm a corporate coach with a strong emphasis on curriculum design and content delivery that drives lasting change. I'm also an experienced Agile practitioner and certified "Professional Scrum Master," specialising in value proposition design, customer discovery and business model development, using simple prototyping tools, UX testing, paper-based MVPs. I created "Trend Cone" to help validate ideas and discover user sentiments.

Alongside my role as a consultant and trainer for the past twenty years, I've enjoyed a long career as a marketer. Until August 2020, I led the Caribbean commercial team for one of the world's most loved brands—Virgin Atlantic Airways. I spent eight years taking on the challenging responsibility of driving transatlantic passenger revenue while delighting the airline's customers. My experience as a certified NetPromoter® Associate helped me build strong loyalty in the market, with benchmark-breaking NPS scores and customer feedback.

Ask me for negotiation tips. It's my secret talent. Professor Lawrence Susskind, of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, says in the foreword of my negotiation book, "The Sword & The Spirit:"

"André Bello has worked in a number of different business settings. He has obviously listened very carefully and learned a lot from his colleagues, clients, supervisors, and probably almost everyone else he has encountered along the way. There's no other way to explain his unparalleled ability to capture the multidimensionality and nuance of the give-and-take of negotiations. He is a storyteller par excellence, but a storyteller on a mission. He wants everyone to be a better negotiator."

I've given hundreds of keynote speeches and workshops to companies and organisations around the globe. I use storytelling and humour to help my audiences gain a deep understanding of the subjects I cover. My main goal is to ensure that learners gain functional tools to help them succeed from "day one." I've also done extensive work in the field of leadership; as a co-creator of the Stella Leadership assessment tool. I'm exceptionally skilled at facilitating workshops on developing and executing breakthrough innovations, building on my professional certification on leading innovation using a "Three-Box" framework. I also serve as the "Curriculum Designer - Innovation" for the consultancy group, "Inspiration Labs."

In 2018, I shared my framework on many big changes through incremental steps in my TEDx talk, "Spot Your Dot." I currently facilitate a weekly discussion on Clubhouse called "NEXT Caribbean," where experts are invited to share their predictions on blockchain technology, NFTs, Artificial Intelligence and other subjects that will be increasingly important over the next five years.

Education: I earned my M.B.A. from Andrew's University, Michigan and my B.Sc. in Natural Science from The University of The West Indies.